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100gSmoked salmon rillettes, roasted baguette 95,-
100gGrilled semi-hard Italian cheese with onion marinated in honey and balsamico, roasted baqguette 90,-


0,3lMushroom soup with smoked meat and dill 45,-
0,3lPoultry soup with liver balls, noodles and vegetables 39,-
0,3lGarlic soup with ham, bacon and cheese, bread croutons 45,-

Czech Cuisine

200gRabbit back filled with bacon and thyme, served with cream mushroom sauce and butter and parsley gnocchi 189,-
150gBeef sirloin with cream sauce, bread dumplings, cranberry sauce 169,-
550gRoasted lamb knuckle with strong demi glace, mashed potatoes with onion, leaf spinach 278,-
200gRoasted rolled piglet belly with chop, sauerkraut, Carlsbad roll dumplings and bread dumplings 179,-
200gWild game goulash with bread 155,-


180gSalmon with grilled vegetables a roasted baguette 245,-
180gGrilled salmon with leaf spinach and mashed potatoes 245,-
300gTagliatelle with smoked salmon, dill cream sauce 205,-

Meatless Dishes

300gHomemade potato gnocchi with mushrooms, goat cheese and rucola 172,-
300gTagliatelle with dried tomatoes, spinach and mozzarella 169,-
150gFried cheese, boiled potatoes, tartar sauce 149,-

Dishes for Kids

80gChicken fillet prepared on butter, boiled potatoes, stewed fruit 75,-
80gFried chicken schnitzel, mashed potatoes with butter, stewed fruit 75,-
80gBeef sirloin with cream sauce and 2 pcs of bread dumplings 85,-
100gTagliatelle with chicken meat, tomatoes, cream sauce 85,-

Silesia Specialities

200gBeef wet-aged flank steak, green beans with bacon, pepper sauce with brandy, steak French fries 295,-
200gBeef tenderloin steak, vegetables sauce with jelapenos pepper 345,-
200gRib eye steak with grilled vegetables, herb butter, roasted baguette 310,-
450gPork ribs in BBQ marinade, honey mustard, garlic mayonnaise, steak French fries, Coleslaw salad 245,-
250gPork chop steak (Duroc breed), grilled ear corn, garlic dressing, unpeeled fried potatoes 235,-
300gPork chop grilled on rosemary, Coleslaw salad, BBQ sauce, steak French fries 205,-
200gPork sirloin with cheddar sauce, roasted potatoes 230,-
200gPork sirloin filled with bacon, plum chilli sauce, mashed potatoes with onion 230,-
200gChopped pork meat in burger bun, BBQ sauce, fresh vegetables, cheddar, bacon, roasted onion, steak French fries 215,-
200gChicken breast filled with Tyrolean bacon and fried tomato, mashed potatoes with sauer cream and onion 199,-
200gChicken steak with Port wine, pumpkin purée, rucola and cherry tomatoes salad 199,-
200gTagliatelle with chicken meat, Tyrolean bacon, pepper pesto and pasmesan 199,-

Side Dishes

200gBoiled potatoes with butter 30,-
200gMashed potatoes with onion 35,-
200gFrench fries 35,-
200gAmerican potatoes (unpeeled fried potatoes) 35,-
200gRosemary roasted potatoes 35,-
200gRice 25,-
2pceHerb and parmesan toasted baguette 35,-
200gGrilled vegetables 69,-
50gCold sauce (tartar sauce, piquant sauce, ketchup, mustard) 14,-
50gParmesan 29,-
200gVegetable salad with Greek cheese 55,-
200gCucumber salad 45,-
200gTomato salad 45,-
 Pastry 20,-


140gGrilled vegetables salad with feta cheese and chicken meat, roasted baguette 174,-
120gRucola, beet root and mozzarella salad with sunflower seeds and honey dressing, roasted baguette 165,-

Meals to Beer

200gHome-made pickled sausages with onion, pastry 69,-
150gExcellent steak tartare with crunchy fried bread 230,-
150gHome-pickled ermine, pastry 79,-
150gFried bread with hot meat mixture, grated cheese 92,-
200gHome-made fried potato chips 42,-
60gFried almonds 49,-

Soft drinpce

0,25lPepsi 35,-
0,25lPepsi light 35,-
0,25lMirinda 35,-
0,25lTonic 35,-
0,25l7up 35,-
0,4lKofola 26,-
0,2lIce tea – lemon, peach 38,-
0,2lGreen tea 38,-
0,25lToma juice 36,-
0,3lMineral water lightly carbonated 26,-
0,3lMineral water non-carbonated 26,-
0,5lEnergy drink 50,-

Warm beverages

 Espresso 38,-
 Cappuccino 44,-
 Caffe Latte Macchiato 55,-
 Turkish Caffe 38,-
 Wien Caffe
 Algerian Caffe 56,-
 Irish Caffe 69,-
 Ice Cafee 55,-
 Frappé 49,-
 Hot chocolate 45,-
 Tea leaves  


  0,5l 0,3l
 Frýdecký Florián11° non-filtered lager32,-21,-
 Radegast 12°35,-23,-
 Pilsner Urquell 12°43,-27,-
 Birell light (alcohol free)30,-19,-
 Birell light dark (alcohol free)30,- 
 Birell flavored (alcohol free)33,- 
0,33lFrisco 39,-
0,4lCider 42,-


 According to the offer  


0,04lBecherovka 45,-
0,1lMartini (Bianco, Extra Dry) 52,-
0,1lCinzano Bianco 42,-
0,1lCampari Bitter 55,-

Spirits, Liquers

4clPlum brandy Jelínek silver 49,-
4clPlum brandy Jelínek gold 49,-
4clPear brandy Jelínek 49,-
4clBecherovka 45,-
4clTequila Sierra Gold 50,-
4clTequila Sierra Silver 50,-
4clBeefeater 55,-
4clVodka Finlandia 45,-
4clPuschkin gold 35,-
4clFernet Stock 35,-
4clFernet Stock Citrus 35,-
4clMyslivec 35,-
4clMagister 35,-
4clJägermeister 50,-
4clDomestic rum 35,-


4clJim Beam 60,-
4clJack Daniels 60,-
4clJack Daniels Honey 60,-
4clJameson Irish 60,-
4clTullamore Dew 60,-


4clCaptan Morgan 45,-
4clLegendario 7y 79,-
4clDiplomatico 12y 110,-
4clDon papa 120,-
4clRon Varadero 5 Aňos 69,-
4clRon Varadero 7 Aňos 79,-
4clRon Varadero Reserva 69,-
4clRon Zacapa 23y 155,-


4clMetaxa 5* 50,-

Port wine

5clOsborne Port White 49,-
5clOsborne Port Tawny 49,-
5clOsborne Port Ruby 49,-


 Pancake with glassed caramel apples and whipped cheese 75,-

Hotel & Caffe Silesia

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Frýdek-Místek 738 01

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